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Athlon XP 1900+(1.6GHz)

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Athlon XP 1.6GHz is out! It's even better than the other ones.
Intel is getting into troubles... Check the site:
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Toms Hardware have changed their style of reviewing lately, and most people agree that they just don't seem to be neutral anymore.
Let's look at a few things they've said lately.

'The Athlon XP 1900+ is especially effective in CPU-intensive situations, for example audio/video encoding or classic 3D rendering. However, we have observed an important trend in this area: the frequent appearance of application patches and updates that increase performance of the Pentium 4 via SSE2'

Uhuh, sure. And yet this important trend is so frequent, an athlon clocked 400Mhz lower than their flagship still whips it hard. Their line here just reads like an Intel press release.

From another article:
'Another factor is the stability and product quality of a system: while all Athlon processors suffered from occasional instability in our tests, the Pentium 4 platform ran without a glitch. Reasons for this behaviour might not lie in the processor itself, but rather in the motherboard design and the chipset used. Future driver updates might not just improve performance but also stability of a platform. And of course, every user knows that the lightweight price tags on Athlon XP processors may have a downside compared to their more expensive Pentium 4 rivals'

'Might not lie' in the cpu? Of course it isn't. There are solid AMD mobo's, and there are solid Intel mobo's. Just as there are unstable ones for both cpu's. It's sad to see a site like THG breeding the myth that AMD chips themselves are not stable. What happened Tom? As for the line saying that the cheap prices may mean less quality.. exactly how much are Intel financing your site? Is current SDRAM shit because it's cheap?

Or in other words, THG sucks balls these days.
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Yes, i know what you're saying but as i pointed out above, that isn't just a bit of negativity. It's outright painting the wrong picture of the situation.
Lol, yes, THG seem to be having to do that a little too often lately :) And yet they still manage to sound as though they don't believe they were wrong. We shall see anyway.
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