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ePSXe is marvelous :eek:

Anyway, I've encountered a strange problem:
GrandTourismo2 (both disks) are running fine (any plugin) under:
- Dell inspiron PentiumIII+Geforce2GO running XP
- Toshiba unknown Celeron running XP

But hangs (any plugin) after the second message (saying you shouldn't drive that way in the reality) on:
Athlon 700+Voodoo5 5500 running Win98SE+DX8.1+all fixes

Do you think this is a CPU related problem (DynaRec problem with old Athlon(slotA), or with MMX2 not supported on old athlon (not tbird)?) :cry:
Or maybe it is a problem with the OS? :dead:

The CD ar originals (country France) :innocent:
The ePSXe installation is EXACTLY the same on all computers (dir hierarchy copied between computers)

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And Wipeout 3?

And wipeout 3?

I have tested it, and I have an unhandled opcode a few seconds after the race starts.

I cant give the opcode here, as it was not my CD and I don't have a so called "backup" :eek:

My friend will be back soon and I'll look at it.

Any tips to put a NOP opcode in place of this unhandled opcode?

Hope the next release will solve those problems :sad:

I'm stuck to my old good Wipeout2097........:evil:
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