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I have problem with Atelier Iris - Eternal Mana. On Compatibility list it says: Playable.
My PC configuration: 4gb DDR2 OCZ, Quad Q9550 (2,83), HD 4850, 500gb hdd. Windows XP.

When I use GSdx SSE4.1 plugin - every sprite(item) in game have black edge, and movies are really slow.
When I use ZeroGS KOSMOS 0.97.1 game really lagging, but movies work good, and game dont have these black edges.
I found that in GSdx option "texture filtering" make that edges, but on that option disable, game is working slow. I push Start button, then after 5 seconds game use start (really big lag).
Can anybody meet with that kind of problems?
(sorry for my english) im from Poland.
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