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It has come to our attention,
that a decision has been
made at Infogrames to change
its name to Atari. This news
has been confirmed by very
reliable sources, and will
come into affect before the
end of the summer, or even
sooner. Sources indicate that
the decision was made due to
the lack of awareness in some
global territories of the
existing Infogrames brand,
and that the head of
Infogrames, Bruno Bonnell
(Chairman & CEO) was very
aware that the Atari brand
would be a stronger and more
recognisable asset for the

At this time, we do not have
any other information as to the
future direction of the
company under the Atari
brand, but it seems that all
software published under the
existing Infogrames brand will
change worldwide to Atari.

Of course, if any of this
information changes, we will
update this page
immediately. ATM and AHS
only provide this information
based on extremely reliable
sources, and cannot be
responsible for any errors or
omissions at this time

Taken from
If it ture.I feel great to see Atari again after 15 years ago :)

i doubt if it's true, but it would be cool
afterall, infogrames DID acquire hasbro-interactive, which has the atari (and microprose) brand...

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no offense, but i would say Atari's reputation has been pretty much runed over the years.

maybe what you (sxamiga) mean is to regain Atari's reputation. but dont get me wrong, I totally agree with Infogram's reasoning for using Atari's name. At least they have a reputation...
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