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ASM Programming

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Hi, I run a website which I can't really list here called EmuFAQ. It's basically a site that tells people all about Emulation, from the very basics to the most advanced aspects of it.

The site itself is incomplete. The FAQ is nothing more than just some big list of useless, uncategorized information. Eventually I will be able to come to organize it, but until then I want to get as much information about Emulation and aspects of it.

I have heard that ASM Programming is useful in translating ROM's. I had never heard of it until recently, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me about it, in as much detail as possible. If possible, I wouldn't mind keeping in contact with you, whoever you are, to keep adding onto that big compilation of facts.

ASM may very well be tied only loosely to Emulation, or not at all, so if it is, I would like to only add the things relevant to Emulation.

Thanks for the help, hope someone can. Oh yeah, if you want my site search it up on Google or something.
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