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ehr, didnt know where to put this thread anyway, i hope any mod/admin that knows where should this be move it :p

anyway, gamespot has made a nice FAQ concerning the PSP, so take a look:
Dead batteries? Dead pixels? Loading times? We take your questions on Sony's new handheld game system.

TOKYO--With Sony's new PlayStation Portable officially on shelves, excitement about the system is at an all-time high. With that excitement comes a whole lot of questions. There's never been a handheld platform quite like the PSP, so naturally, there's been a fair amount of confusion about what the system can and can't do. Here, we've attempted to pull some of the most common questions from our message boards to give you a little more insight into what we've noticed about the system so far. Let's start with the most frequently asked question, battery life.

Q: How long does the PSP's battery last?

A: The short answer is that it depends on what you're doing. The longer answer is that Sony has stated that the battery should last around six hours. With simpler-looking games like Lumines or Mahjong Fight Club, that definitely seems to be the case. But with more graphically intensive games, like Ridge Racers, the battery doesn't last quite as long. Based on our estimates and a few battery-draining tests, Ridge Racers seems to last somewhere between 90 minutes and three hours. Playing with the wireless networking switch flipped on will also further reduce your battery life. The system has an auto-sleep function that stops the wireless drain, but that switch is there for a reason. Turn it off when you're not using it.

Video and audio will likely drain the battery differently, depending on where the content is coming from. It's less power-intensive to read from the memory stick slot than the UMD drive, though without any audio discs and only one demo video disc full of short game and movie trailers available now, it's difficult to actually put a number on this. Considering that the screen will black out if left unattended, it seems reasonable that you should get a good amount of battery power out of the system when listening to audio.
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