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as always, ff9 problems

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well ive got extremely slow movies, but the game itself runs smooth, and the game freezes within 5 minutes, every time
ive got a geforce 256, pent3.600 sndblaster128pci and have changed about every possible option, but it still wont work well
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have you tried using Pete's 1.48 plugin and enabling unfiltered framebuffers? That should make it faster. Also, are you using a CDr writer to read the cd? Try using your proper CDROM reader, since it should be faster. I have only a voodoo3 and the movies are fine, but keep in mind that I have a 44x cdrom. If nothing else works, try switching CDROM plugins (I heard the CDR Barett should work well) or mess around with the MDEC options. I use the Epsxe core cdrom reader and have both MDEC options enabled. I know its not much, but I hope I helped (seeing that no one else is replying)
oops, my bad:D, I meant to tel you to use the Tratax plugin..sorry, I got confused. anywayz, try that, and if that doesn't work, try the other ones. BTW, you can get all the plugins at
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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