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ARMware, an ARM platform emulator, version 0.5.0 released
Project homepage:

ARMware, like VMware or Bochs, is an emulator for a hardware platform.
Opposite to the x86 platform which VMware or Bochs want to emulate,
ARMware provides an emulation environment for the ARM platform.
It can emulate Intel StrongARM SA-1110 as the core for now
(The support for Intel Xscale is been developping).
The whole emulated environment which ARMware provides is like HP iPaq H3600
(The future emulation environment for the Intel Xscale will be like HP iPaq H5500).

# Version 0.5.0 :

* For the architecture

- Modularization. ARMware now splits up into several modules which are
specifically designed for particular functions for different machine types.
Through this modularization, ARMware not only can support more machine
types, but also don't reduce the runtime performance. This modularization
architecture has an important influence on the support for multiple machine

* For the Serial Console

- I modify the codes for the serial console, so that the runtime display speed
of the serial console is improved.

- Users can choose their favorite font, text color, and background color for
the serial console.
( )

- ARMware now support the ANSI color codes in the serial console.
( )

* For the emulated environment

- Users can modify the DRAM size of the emulated environment.
Different machines have different maximum DRAM sizes, so that ARMware
will adjust the maximum DRAM size according to the machine type users
( )
( )

- The function of the power off button is completed. Through pressing this
button, users can stop the execuation of the emulated environment.
- The support for the Intel Xscale processor is been developping, and the
whole emulated environment for the Xscale will be the HP iPaq H5500.

- ARMware now can emulate the ARM architecture version 5
Instruction Set.

Project homepage:
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