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:D yeahoo... im still new here in about a week old or so.....

me and my friends want to play armored core for so damn tooo long now :( and i have been trying to find the right threads but it seems to be not helping enough...... wells.. duh im new what can i say..... oO

ummm.. i am already quite oriented on how this link or PSX link play thing going on ... its kinda complicated so im realy in need of help with this...


the demand;
i want to play armored core with my friends.... :D

the problem;
i cant cauze it says link not the 2 player split screen :heh:

givens & tried fixes;
umm not really done one yet cauze everybody kinda says its hard and some says its possible others kinda just kept on fighting on which is it really oO oO
therefore i did not know what to doo so im on a dead end... :dead:

my skills;
umm ive been emulating for a long lime now..... 2 years perhaps.. but this is the 1st time i ran in to this type trouble with ARmored core :drool:
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