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Argos no senshi [SLPS 25178] (J)

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Beta Date: 21 July 2005 SSE2
Conditions Tested Under:

GSdx9 (SSE2) 0.9 - win,D3D,PS2.0,LTF [25 07 2005]
SPU2 NullDriver
SSSPSX pad 1.5
Cdvdpeops 1.2
USA v01.60 bios

Yeah, rygar is now showing perfect looking 3D... Ill try to post more shots of it in the next days...

With VUREC, 3D is very broken (see 5th shot) and a strange bug appears : the camera doesn't switch to other views, so you loose sight of the character... even if you still can move it... :eyespin:

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Wanted to post more shots as the water/sun reflection effects in this game are beautiful to see... (err... even better in motion...)...

Anyway, perfect looking gfx come with a price : very low fps, even in REC... :(

... if only some power of the graphic card could be used to speed things up... :hdbash:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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