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I just made a terrible mistake and killed my only epsxe-ff9 savegame and now i'm fu$§ed up.

Of course I know that there is the possibility to download a new one...but I have two minor problems with that:

1.) What do I have to download?
A normal psx savegame? A so called "dex-savegame" (what is that?)? A save-state?
I have no idea. Until now I saved the ff9 game only with
"run--> savestate" I think I need such a "savestate"...BUT, (and there we are at problem number 2:)

2.) where do I find such special "savestats"? (especially for FF9)?
Again: No idea. I already visited some emu-sites but either the links are dead or the sites only offer "dex-savegames"

Plz help and...thx

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