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Area51 Demo

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I must say this game disapointed me alot. It was on top of my wishlist from what i've seen in previews and videos but now that i tried the demo :/ it kinda sucks.

First the graphics arent all that great as i thought they were from movies. Even at 1600*1280 with 16xAF and 8xAA (wich ran very well btw) it didnt look good. Too much bloom, low rez textures, models are "ok". AI is also midiocre, nothing new, the weapons feel fake when shooting them.

On the good side, David Duchovny voice fits perfectly as a narrator here, theres also Marilyn Mason voice somwhere around the game (didnt notice where), the intro FMV was pretty cool, story seems interesting.

Hum i dunno, i hope the full version improves alot or ill probably remove it from my wishlist, right now its not worth my money :p

Here are the screenshots (1280*1024 16xAF 8xFSAA):

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Maybe you were hoping for too much. To me it doesnt look like that bad a game.
Well. its not bad... its just not good enough :p
Played the Xbox version...Story is pretty good, and graphics for a console are decent, although that could be the TV side of it..... and the xbox, still IMHO, as well as any CONSOLE, is not suited for FPS. A controller just doesn't cut it...targeting is way to ummmmm, you have to be way to accurate in order to hit anything...kinda like hitting a needle in a haystack. Anyways, I would think the PC version would be much better, controlwise, a KB/Mouse combo alone would be a huge improvemnt
The game looks like it has some sort of blur effect on it

This game has been on the top of my list also, but this also looks discouraging to me.....I'll download the demo and see :/
Yeah it also has alot of blur effects, maybe to much, and the bad thing the only thing u can change in the options are the resolution, contrast and brightness, oh and turn on high res textures (even with it enabled they're not very high res :p)
I liked the Area 51 demo. But it did seem like an average fps. This game might do alot better on consoles than the pc.
FSAA doesn't work in the game either.. AF does however.

WAY too much bloom, I agree.. and the game just isn't that fun.
/Me also tried the demo of Xbox version (came with MK:Deception Disc).

And I agree with all of you that it's sucks, not completely sucks but not justify buying.
Just like Pariah :cuss2: .
is it a conversion from PS2??
Just finished the demo.....well it bored me half to death

not worth buying....or downloading with limited bandwidth, in some people's case :D
Like mine, but luckly i got a nacional download (and i have a big limit in that one) :p
Add me to the list as well, five minutes into the game I felt as if I'd played this game before. It didn't feel challenging either and in the short time spent on it, I was very disappointed since I had high hopes for the game. :(
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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