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dukenukem said:
i used to like them back in the day like the first ninja turtles movie:)(cowabunga) Well now adays i just can't stand the movies being turned out with some exceptions like butterfly effect and constantine which intrigues me since seeing that special of it on mtv:).Now i am mostly just looking to see asian flicks even when we go to blockbuster if they have no asian flicks i want to see i get very disappointed in the store which happens alot these days:(.The last movie we bothered to see which i think was worth seeing was spiderman 2 but i am turned way off by crap like son of mask which is gonna be coming out,would you rather see a good foreign flick over an american movie or would you choose both?
A few times already, your post has been brought down by the fact that movies should be judged on their own individual merit, but whether that answer is applicable in your case is inconclusive to me.

Why, or rather what, is it that movies produced in America get you so much more disappointed than asian flicks? Perhaps you meant movies of our western culture instead, seeing how you generalised the movies you like to be Asian. Implying such a jump in interest isn't often about nationalities, but rather the culture either display. Have you been interested in a lot of other things of Asian culture?

On the other hand, I could be wrong, and you're just in the middle of the mass-produced craptacular films of which great portions get churned out everywhere, while having been fed the best of the best asian flicks as compensation.

Did you know that a large share of US-produced movies don't even get to be seen abroad in theathers? Hell, a lot don't even reach foreign TV. These movies are pure crap. Did you also know that the percentage of such US-produced movies isn't that much different from many other countries' movies in that aspect? I'm sure there are asian flicks that can make you scream in horror because of their degrading quality. ;)

My favorite movies happen to be US and UK produced.

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that movie looks like it'll be interesting. The use of color certainly caught my attention.
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