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I began reading this think "Not all american movies are bad" but after thinkingabout what my favourite is I realized that I barely even *liked* any of the films at all, I mean I would just watch them think "That was okay" and continue my life. Even good films like LoTR I was put off of because I just didn't get into it (and also it was tainted by the fact that EA were guaranteed to ruin it with a rubbish tie-in) or the matrix I though the first one was OK but by the time the second one came I kept seeing people dressed as Neo (trust me it doesn't look cool in real life, don't argue, just trust me) I think that is one of the reasons I dislike US films its because other people like them, like when the make super heros like spiderman cool I just can't watch those movies becaue I would rather remember liking spiderman as being a geeky thing it makes it more fun. and it explains why so many people like "cult" TV shows/movies like Jack Frost or my favourite TV show Lexx

Asian films on the other hand liked The Grudge (US version sucked) or a great(actually it was rubbish, but I loved it) film called 2002 were awsome and had me hooked the whole way through.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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