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Are there any known problems with Digimon World 3?

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Or do I just have some messed-up settings?

I put in the game disc and it tries to play the opening movie, which is widescreen. It puts a lot of garbage up in the black border above and below the actual video that flashes fast and bright enough to invoke epileptic siezures. It plays the video (With no sound) and when it gets to the opening screen for the actual game, it turns everything into a bunch of empty black and white boxes, then after a few seconds it starts the opening movie over again.

Will ePSXe simply not play Digimon World 3, or is it my/my computer's mistake?

I've tried all the included plugins and Pete's DirectX6 D3D Driver is the only video plugin that will even play the game at all and mangles it as I described above, everything else just locks up the emulator at a black screen.

If anyone has any help I'd greatly appreciate it.
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The solution

i have tryed to change everything to fix it but when i am in north sector the graphics always stuffs up and you cannt see where your going ive got all the newest plugins and my pc is a

E2200 (2.2Ghz Dual Core)
Nvidia 9600GT (1Gb Video memory)
1x80gb and 1x500gb hard drive

so there realy shouldnt be any problem but it keeps stuffing up

if you wanna see a pic of it then (because of my realy slow internet) you will have to add me on messenger

[email protected]

Your problem is : You use savestates instead of memory card .
I tried these :
1) Tapped F1 so many times and boom ! The problem .
2) Tapped F1 three times every time I wanted to savestate . The problem happened in west sector .
3) Tapped F1 one time when i wanted to save . Happened after defeating Qing Long leader .
4) Used just memory card saves . Finished the game !!! :thumb:
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