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Hey everyone,

I just inserted my only ps2 game I still have (.hack Outbreak) and I put a 50 fps limiter in the gpu settings (PAL) and when in menus it hovers between 49 and 51 xD but, when ingame near people etc it drops to 40fps...

System specs:

AMD 7750 2.7ghz (Can O/C to 3.0ghz if wanted easily)
Onboard HD3200 gpu, 512mb dedicated, sharing 1.9gb's of memory?
4gb corsair ddr2 1066 RAM

Running pcsx2-beta-1329 with settings:

Graphics = ZeroGS V0.97.1 - everything unticked, 640x480
Sound = SPU2-X 1.1.0 - everything unticked, Linear, X-audio 2
Pad = LilyPad svn r1034 0.10.0 - default settings
Cdvdrom = Gigaherz's 0.7.0
Bios = Europe V2.00
Dev9 driver 0.3.0

Please help me speed it up a bit?

I was hopeing to play the following games with pcsx2:

Kingdom hearts 2
Disgea 2

Thank you in advance :p
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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