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Are linksys wireless routers brand friendly??

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Here is the situation:

I have a linksys BEFW11s4 ver 2 wireless router connected to 3 computers. 2 wireless and 1 wired ethernet connection. The linksys wireless pci adapter seems okay, and so is the ethernet card.

However the problem comes when I tried to connect the third computer to the router using a wireless 11MBps wireless LAN PCI adapter from TRENDnet. I installed the adapter on a windows xp machine and it detected the router but refused to connected to it.

Basically it shows on the desktop tab bar as available connections and it found the router but refused to connect to it. Is it a compatibility issue or is there something else that I might need to do when I use a non-linksys pci wireless card on a linksys router??
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hm maybe your wirelss connection is encrypted and you didnt put in the WEP key into your wireless internet connection config? i hvae a linksys router and am using a d-link wireless adapter and everyhting is working fine.
and im using a netgear MR814 wireless router and a Trendnet wireless pci adapter (proly the same one as u) on my dad's comp. works perfect.
Long shot this but you're not using passphrases instaed of the generated keys are you? Phrases are brand specific. You should always stick to the hex keys.
I am using the same router in my house, so far it has worked with many different wireless cards of varing brands, although I did have a hardtime hooking it to another linksys switch. One thing to consider somtimes the router gets bugged and needs to be reset(small black button in the back) I would do a backup of the settings first though.
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