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Are Geforce 6600 GT enought?

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Helo guys.
Recently i'm thingking of upgrading my graphic card.
Here's my curent system:

AthlonXP 3000+ 2,16Ghz 333Mhz FSB
1GB memory DDR 2700
80Gb SATA seagate barracuda 7200
ATI radeon 9200se 128mb AGP8x
WinXP SP2 dual boot Win98SE

I'm really excited with the 6600GT series, from what i hear it's best price + perfomance balance is good. Not so expensive yet good perfomance.
But the reason why i wanna bought this card is for the upcoming PS2 emulator actually :heh:
I'm not really in for PC games, as i have a PS2 here.
Well, but sometimes i play a few good games like HL2.
So i don't really cares about the perfomance on PC titles.
What brought me into consideration is whether it's good for running the next generation emulator & games smoothly when the emu is ready/comeout.
So i wanna hear u guys opinions bout this.
Does the 6600GT powerful enought to run the upcoming PS2 emulator & play the games smoothly with my current spec? Or event a GameCube/Xbox emulator maybe? :D
I ask this becos all the benchmark/review I saw never included the card perfomance for emulator, so i can't really tell.
So i think u guys here that have a lot of experience with emu can help. :thumb:
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Personally. If I were concerned about emulation. I would get a 256 meg card. Likely the data will be rendered on framebuffer similar to PS1 emulation and you should probably go for something a little bigger. However thats pure speculation. Not like emulation has gone anywhere wild this past year.
fivefeet8 said:
Emulation generally needs more CPU power than GPU power.

But it does require a generally optimal amount of framebuffer space.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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