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Are all game play station game playable on pc

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Are all play station game playable on pc if not where cant i find what games are playable.:cool:
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Nope, but the emulators that are currently available are making great strides toward that goal. If you'd like to find out which games are playable, I suggest you check out The Compatibility Lists loacted on Wormie's page: . Since he's doing some remodeling, you can jump right to . Hope this helps ;)
all: no
many: yes

check the compatibility lists, and sometimes you can kinda 'guess' if a game works or not (for example virtually every older game works).
the only games that won't work are like the ones that JUST came out and that hasn't been updated on the emulator thats it!:D
Unfortunatly the emulation of ePSXe isn´t perfect but you can play a lot of games.:)

I would like to be a warrior
yes, and a few people have some questions about a certain rpg series :D
It's almost IMPOSSIBLE getting ALL games working... Especially if there numerous games avaible... there's always some compressing routine or copy-protection on games... OR game got bug...
I think about 75%-80% of all PSX games are working now. That is fantastic for an emulator. I believe that the only emulator that can equal or maybe surpass this is VGS.
75-80%:eek:. very impressive indeed. just bought soul reaver and it runs perfect, to my knowledge anyways...

ps: glad to see the forums back up again

Well it is never perfect but it is still fun
most games that don't work are rare jap games, i don't know why.
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