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Arbex memory card

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I've been playing FF9 on Arbex (Xebra's sister that doesn't need a bios) and it's been running beautifully, except for the occasional crash. I made it to halfway through disc 3, saved, and shut down. Next time I wanted to play I tried to load my last save and my saves were missing.

I've been using the in-game save points and I've been alternating from saving in the first memory slot or the second memory slot. So far all of my saves from Disc 3 have been in Memory Slot 1. When I try to go to that slot (in the game) it says, "No FF9 Data." When I go to Memory Slot 2 I can see all the saves I put there (unfortunately they are all from Disc 2 and I don't want to have to start playing from there again.)

Can I recover my saves? What is the issue here? Thanks!
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using a crappy emulator............ who knows.
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