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Applying Game Shark Codes

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How do I apply Game Shark codes to a game?
I recieve a huge string that I don't know how to enter.


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It ain't working, But according to the pec readme, it's supposed to work...
Is there any activation key, or some option in the emulator that I'm missing?
using cep

i personally use cep because you could make gs codes on your own.

anyways, when using cep, first click on the process tab then selsct the emulator (epsxe must be running). after that click on cheat tab then enter ur code.

i though advice you to read the documentation on pec/cep to know which codes are supported.

u can download it here:
But I have read it, I did everything specified, it appears ok (Transfer of the cheat to the plugin, etc.) and The cheat is not working! (Like unsealing all the characters in Tekken3).
i use pec before. i usually use it on vgs not on epsxe. if i remember correctly, there is a post about your problem.
We discussed this before on here somewhere..
Some people said the codes would only work if they started the game and then transfered the cheats in.
Others like me use the codes the other way by sending the codes to the plugin then starting the game.
Make sure you try both and see if that works
It is not possible to transffer the cheats while the game is working, since you have to do it while the plugin configuration window is opened, otherwise the program will just wait for the transffer.
sorry gunblade but u r wrong as I just tried it.
I started tekken 3 and started a battle and lost some health,then i escaped and started pec and chose the infinite health option and transfered the data ok then continued and my health went back to max....
So it does work ...
Well, can't argue with that :)
I'll try it when I get home.
Hey onejaz and gunblade, infact both of you are correct.Some cheats can be applied while the game is runing while some of them have to be applied before starting the game.

I too personally use Cep and it works great but still in few games there are few codes which dont work.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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