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Apologees (is it spelled right?) and another, legal, question

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Ok, I read the forum ruels and found wut I was looking for. I am sorry and I apologize. I hope u accept. But no i have another dilemma, that is legal. LOL. From my tolerant GPU/SPU plugins it seems like it is going faster. Like the video and the sounds goes faster. I was playing Final Fantasy VIII. Is it a compatability issue? Is there a setting i need to change? What plugins do u use? By the way my GPU was:pete's Soft Driver 1.54 and the SPU:Eternal SPU Plugin 1.0

thanx once again

P.S. i am still kicking myself in the butt for acting like a noob. well, i kinda still am but hey this is my first night with the whole psx/pc emu thing and i think i am doing ptretty good. no? ok i will stop ranting. it is 2:00 am for me i have to sleep. i will check the post before i go to sleep. l8r
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where can i set it to fps 60? i doubt it is a GPU, or a plug-in at that. u were talking about ePSXe v1.2.0 right? ok thx
is that menu in ePSXe? under wut drop-down menu? the pete's soft driver was a GPU plugin. are we on different levels here?
ok i found it! i am a was under configure thanx alot man! :)
no, it just looked a bit familiar. i am too lazyy to make a screen, if u ever use it u will get the idea.
ooooooh, 1.4.0 where did u get that?
...again, i am a dumbass. i didn't see it. ok i guess this should be the end of this thread. no longer am i a noob. and i Murac am stepping forth into the lnd of the normals! **light circles Murac...Murac's clothes blow in the wind and is having an ifany**

tahnx u all!
1 - 7 of 25 Posts
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