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Apologees (is it spelled right?) and another, legal, question

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Ok, I read the forum ruels and found wut I was looking for. I am sorry and I apologize. I hope u accept. But no i have another dilemma, that is legal. LOL. From my tolerant GPU/SPU plugins it seems like it is going faster. Like the video and the sounds goes faster. I was playing Final Fantasy VIII. Is it a compatability issue? Is there a setting i need to change? What plugins do u use? By the way my GPU was:pete's Soft Driver 1.54 and the SPU:Eternal SPU Plugin 1.0

thanx once again

P.S. i am still kicking myself in the butt for acting like a noob. well, i kinda still am but hey this is my first night with the whole psx/pc emu thing and i think i am doing ptretty good. no? ok i will stop ranting. it is 2:00 am for me i have to sleep. i will check the post before i go to sleep. l8r
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use FPS Limit 60fps for NTSC and 50fps for PAL
Hey it's the same cause maybe the plugin you use on ePSXe and PSinex is the same
just press config on your Pete's Soft Driver and you'll see that
Hm.....i can't belive it, what a fast replies
1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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