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Already two days old, but we wanted to add some custom stuff to this one, is an update on the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Apollo</a> <a href="" TRGET="_blank">dev log page</a> (note that the mainpage hasn't been updated). If you already forgot, Azimer announced that he stops his projects publically for an unknown period. Now let's take a look at his status update :<ul><b>It's been awhile since I added to this log. WaveRace Japanese no longer needs a hack for eeprom. It works perfectly. Everything is either working or it doesn't since I improved the timing in 0.03.</b>
Confirmed, WaveRace jap works perfectly now without any problems, as you can see on those screenshots :<center>
<a href="/n64/apollo/screenshots/unlinked/waverace_003_1.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/n64/apollo/screenshots/unlinked/waverace_003_1s.jpg" BORDER=0></a>&nbsp;<a href="/n64/apollo/screenshots/unlinked/waverace_003_2.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/n64/apollo/screenshots/unlinked/waverace_003_2s.jpg" BORDER=0></a></center>
<b>1080, MKT work nicely now. GoldenEye is being worked on. I need to make more accurate TLB support. As for Killer Instinct Gold... I made it so the sprites aren't black but I broke the gameplay! It's no longer playable. ;( I think I messed too much with the TLB. I will have to try to fix it.</b>
1080 really works nice - great gameplay and perfect speed - couldn't test MKT as I don't have that one :) Now see yourself :<center>
<a href="/n64/apollo/screenshots/unlinked/1080_003_1.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/n64/apollo/screenshots/unlinked/1080_003_1s.jpg" BORDER=0></a>&nbsp;<a href="/n64/apollo/screenshots/unlinked/1080_003_2.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/n64/apollo/screenshots/unlinked/1080_003_2s.jpg" BORDER=0></a></center>
<b>Audio and Graphics are coming along slowly but ok. Current internal build 0.03 Alpha 3 is very stable and almost "public ready". No public release is scheduled. We can only hope that I decide to do so in the future. Thanks for keeping your interest in Apollo!</b></ul>Thanks a lot to Azimer for allowing us to test this beta, it's certainly an impressive step forward from the last version ! Now let's hope that Azimer *will* make the decission to publish this version, it'd be sad as it has a hell lot of potential.
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