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AP Modifier for FF8

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When playing Final Fantasy 8 for the original PSX and a Gameshark, I was able to make it so that I got 255AP after every battle. I can't seem to find a way to do that in the PSX Emulation Cheater program. I see there are Experience Modifier options for the Guardian Forces but then it brings me to a value box and I have no idea what those values are. Is there any way to set it so that I can have 255 AP after every battle, even if it means I have to set it for every GF I get?

P.S. Sorry about the multiple posts before concerning the game speed. I wasn't sure how active this forum was and just wanted to get it answered ASAP. Won't happen again.
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PEC uses gameshark codes, so just put those in (the same ones you used before).

about the multiple posts: i dont really see how posting a ton of times would increase your chances of getting it answered, regardless of how active the forum is. but hey, as long as you dont do it again, we're cool ;)
Thanks. And just for the record, I figured this forum wasn't that active and figured whoever did post on it would only post on 1 thread if at all. Just tryin to maximize the chance of someone seein it.
haha, well you hit jackpot, this forum is quite active ;)
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