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Anyway to Rebind save State Keys?

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Im trying to rebind the save state keys to my gamepad or another device.

Is there a way to rebind the keys? I tried using Girder to bind a key on my pad to F1 and F3 keys I wasn't using in a game. I tried using the Logitech Gaming Software as well. Also I tried binding some keys with my remote control that's running through Girder. The thought being epsxe dominates the pad's funcitons. But even through its a seperate device epsxe will not recognize commands from a device other than the keyboard.

I would want to rebind at least F1 and F3 for quick loading and saving.

Any thoughts?
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No. I don't think so.
Maybe a frontend would overcome this problem.
Heya, you're lucky this thread came up in a search i was just doing. There's a very nifty program out there called Joytokey, which can be located here:

You should be able to bind any button on your joypad to F1 or F3. I use joytokey all the time. In epsxe i use it as the "home" key after pressing delete, so it rotates between FPS limit and no FPS limit, which is handy for skipping parts of some games, just like being able to fast forward :). Do the same thing with other emulators as well.
Wait a sec, so games like Splinter Cell would work on a Saitek P880 gamepad!?
Could I use Joytokey with this game?
erm... off topic??

So by using this program I can set any keyboard button to my joypad? Having ePSXe fast forward bound to one of my buttons would be awesome.
ropeadope you are a god! :thumb:

Thanks, this program did indeed work. Im using a cordless logitech rumble pad and this thing works great. What this program lacks in prettyness it makes up for in its shear ability to work. It seems magical.

Its pretty handy for mouse emulation as well.

And ITS FREE! Joymouse wants like 20 bucks.
Glad i could help, i often recommend joytokey, great free program.

I can't quite remember how i set up the "fast forward" thing in epsxe. I think you just have to select an FPS limit in the video options. Then in epsxe press the Delete key to bring up a text menu (should appear in the upper left side of the screen). The using joytokey, bind the "Home" key to a button on your joypad, and each time you press that button on your joypad it should cycle between the default 60 fps, the FPS limit that you set, and no limit - which would be like fast forward depending on how fast your System/Vid card can run the game without an FPS limit. It works well for the most part.

I do a similar thing in Snes9x by binding the 'Tab' key to my R2 button (I use a PS2 controller with PC), Tab in Snes9x = Turbo mode. In Zsnes the turbo key is "~". So i do indeed love this joytokey program :)
"fast forward" is a new feature in the latest releases of pete's plugins. Not an ePSXe feature. My bad
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