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i had yamaha opl3 sa3 sound card when i used null driver i did not get good i have upgraded to sound blaster live value but even then the sound had the same problem.i can't get good sound of movies in any game of ps even when i upgraded my sound card although it did help to increase frames per i did get the sound of the mdecs perfectily but i am satisfied as it has lots of features and advantages to me other than emulation.then i came to know that my cd-drive's reading point is slow because of which i am unable to have good sound.but thanks to pete's cd-rom plugin i am getting perfect sound of the emulator.
i suggest you to use pete's cd rom plugin.previously i had acer 40x
which was giving perfect sound of mdec without using pete's driver
i guess it's reading point is cd drive's reading point is playing an important role.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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