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anyone with yamaha?

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anyone with yamaha sound? i can't ge the sound to work correctly, i don't really want to spend money on sound because of an emulator but if epsxe isn't compatible with yamaha, then i think i might change my mind.
i use Null Audio Driver, and i've check all the possible option(not sure if that's good or bad) and it still play crappy sounds.

P3 533 Mgz
128 RAM
voodoo 3 3000 w/DX 7.0 support
yamaha sound.
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I do have an Yamaha OPL3-SA3 and the sound works fine for me. I'm using WDM drivers, they allow digital music to be played from ISOs
I have a Yamaha 724f PCI sound card and it works ok for ePSXe (internal SPU and Null2).
I think as long as your sound card has directx support, you can use them with ePSXe. You might want to try to download the latest drivers for your sound card and reinstall directx 8.
I used to have an opl-sa3 also but there's always a problem with
the drivers and stuff..prob becoz mine was an ISA one..

buying a SB vibra resulted in better sound and compatibility with windows, games and ePSXe performance. think its a worthwhile upgrade...


i had yamaha opl3 sa3 sound card when i used null driver i did not get good i have upgraded to sound blaster live value but even then the sound had the same problem.i can't get good sound of movies in any game of ps even when i upgraded my sound card although it did help to increase frames per i did get the sound of the mdecs perfectily but i am satisfied as it has lots of features and advantages to me other than emulation.then i came to know that my cd-drive's reading point is slow because of which i am unable to have good sound.but thanks to pete's cd-rom plugin i am getting perfect sound of the emulator.
i suggest you to use pete's cd rom plugin.previously i had acer 40x
which was giving perfect sound of mdec without using pete's driver
i guess it's reading point is cd drive's reading point is playing an important role.
hmm I thought the sound processing was pushed to the sound chips in the SB card so the overall speed should increase, as wat
I felt

it also goes a long way if u convert ur CD to an ISO ....the sound
sync issues usually go away too to great results
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