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Duron 700
256Mb Ram
3d Prophet 2 mx

If anyone has got a system that is close to this spec and they are having trouble then i suggest the following plugins!

Video--petes opengl,use the nice settings
Sound--Petes direct sound 1.10
Cd-rom--Petes cdr aspi 1.3
Bios--scph 1001

I use this setup and i can run all of my games!

Driver 2,mgs,Alone in the dark 4,dino crisis 2,star wars demolition,chase the express,vanishing point,resi evil survivor,thps2,dino crisis,tekken 3,GT2,tenchu,coolboarders 3,RRtype 4,knockout kings,colin mcrae 2,Gta 2,Dave mirra bmx,
C&c red alert retalliation,LMA Manager,parasite eve,spec ops,resi evil 2 and 3,ff8,GTA,Die hard trilogy,Toca 2,Tenchu 2,Theme park world,Player manager 2001,007 World is not enough,Max power racing,Simpsons wrestling,Episode 1 jedi power battles,c-12 final resistance,spyro 3(crashes at sheilas alps)

These are all run perfectly on my system,no glitches or sound stuttering.

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Hey, Thanx man, I´ve been looking for something like that, really thanx :dead:
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