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I've just gotten epsxe V1.4.0 and well i love it. i used to use V game station.i know it looks crap but it was the only emu that could run The legend of Dragoon any good .. the only porblem was that on the 2nd cd it stuffed up when you got the 6th Dragoon sprit stone.. as some of you may know thats about 30 hours into the game and there was no way around it( i was pissed!!). now i have epsxe im willing to play it again but befor i start i want to know if it going to do the same thing.. so if anybody that is reading this has finished it plz just say so ..
oh and one more thing im having problems with music in battles sometimes not playing and when casting dragoon magic theres no sound if anyone dosent get this plz tell me what sound thingy you use (spu i think its called).
Thanks to all that reply..
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