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Anyone wanna test some new drivers :D

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Sure, let me just PM my address to Phil :evil:
Mmm... not seeing much improvement over the last one. Is there any pretty OpenGL 3 demo lying around somewhere that I can... take a peek at? :p
It's hard to find anything on OpenGL 3 (I'm guessing because not only because the stupid "depreciation model" and the fact that the ARB didn't give us what was promised like a complete API rewrite). Face it, no one is using it and not even I plan on using it much for anything. NVIDIA's OpenGL 10 SDK has some OpenGL 3.0 stuff in there, and as far as tutorials go, so far I only found one OpenGL 3 tutorial and all it does it show you how to initialize an OpenGL 3.x context. IMO, I don't really see anything that OpenGL 3.x can do that OpenGL 2.x can't. Geometry shaders? Cg let's you do that... even before OpenGL 3.0 came out. I still want to learn and use it, but the bottom line is... OpenGL 3.0 failed.

@squall, thanks for the link.
nvidia aren't removing anything marked as deprecated. :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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