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Anyone tried Red Octane online rentals?

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Red Octane is an online rental service. For about $16 USD a month, you can rent games onine for 7 days at a time. Each rental costs about $7 USD, and includes shipping both ways (return too.)

So why bother? I mean, you could just run down to blockbuster, right? Not if you wanted Devil May Cry PS2, or Vib-ribbon, you can't. They have (arguably) the most extensive collection of games available for rent anywhere.

It sounds really intrigueing, but I'm interested in hearing others oppinions of it, before I take the plunge. It's kind of expensive.
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I haven't used Red Octane, but supposedly online rental places like Netflix have an annoying habit of not having titles in. Titles mysteriously disappear at the renter's house (well, it's not so mysterious, as it's fairly obvious what happened to them) and tend not to be returned. Titles tend to be fairly slow in getting to you, so basically if you were on a two game at once plan, you'd only rent about six games a month or so. In theory online rentals work well, but in practice they're all bad. On the bright side, there are no shipping charges because they send you some kind of prepaid envelope to return games.
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