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Anyone still using bleem

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Just wondering who else is still using bleem besides me?

I think its the best psx/pc emulator ever, next in line is AdriPSX and then ePSXe. One reason why i like bleem the best is, well its easy to config and you dont have to config the graphics. Just click this and that, and you set. Unlike the rest of the psx emulators, the video settings are like the n64 emulator settings.

I use adripsx alot too, and have epsxe for my new psx games. Anyway, good job on the making all 3 , all 3 are great, but bleem is the best to me.

I will post up some pictures from bleem, soon. Maybe from 3 - 4 different games. :wave:
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well, doesnt run in xp so I havent been using it lately. compatibility isnt as high as epsxe, but it's faster, and indeed easy to set up.
My current favourite psx emulator is PSXeven, btw; somewhat slower than ePSXe on older comps, but I'm not having that problem plus it runs a few games that ePSXe doesn't.

I'd like to see the pictures, just to compare how they stick up against the newer ps emulators.
Bleem is simple, and it's fast, but the stunted development means that it can no longer be classed anywhere near the level of ePSXe or PSXeven. The compatibility is pitiful next to the PSEmuPro based emus.
VGS was better compatibility wise, and was similarly simple, but that too was outclassed
Simple <> Best.

Saying that, for the most part, if you set up your plugins right, it's rare you have to change all your settings. You just end up leaving unnessecary options on for a lot of games
I no longer use bleem...but I remember the frist time I played the demo...that was awesome. I remember thinking "wow, I knew snes emualtion was posible, but PSX!?!?! THEY DID IT!" haha.
Well yea the other psx emulators are more advanced, meaning it should be able to play any game, bleem only a list of games which you can play. So in a way, they all seem to be a tie, some has its faults and some dont. I like bleem the best, only because its easy to set up, but the other emualtors can play games without any problems.

I will post up some screens running in 800x600 32bit later today, or late tonight, or maybe early tomorrow.

the free emulators such as epsxe and psxeven dont need that much configuring really to run games. yes bleem is easier to use but epsxe is far better. the configuring doesnt seem to bother me
it seems to bother you enough that you need to make a ton of threads asking about ePSXe problems and configs....
it seems to bother you enough that you need to make a ton of threads asking about ePSXe problems and configs....
It's good to ask questions, besides how many questions can one ask about epsxe plugins?

I think it will get worse when ps2 emulation finally kicks into the scene with higher playability...
it will get worse, because people dont know to use the freakin edit button to find people with similar problems that they can use to synthesize their own answer! i guess people just dont have time for that, they want someone to cater to their individual needs...
hushypushy lemme clear somethin up. yes i do ask a load of questions bout plugins and epsxe and this is the reason. i am using an old computer at the moment. my other one no longer works for some reason. if i used my other one i wouldnt need to ask so many ryt? epsxe has more problems on the older computers with older graphics cards and older sound cards etc. if i do search the forum to fix some probs, they are normally for the higher classed comps and the problems i have are sorta distinct. anyway i hope this clears up my actions here.
its ok, you're allowed to ask questions ;)

the thing is though, sometimes it'sbetter to ask one question and wait for the answer because it might answer a bunch of your questions at once. when you post a ton of posts at the same time reflecting every question you have, they tend to all blur together and then you're basically asking the same question. trust me, i've seen it happen before.

but hey, i recommend that you experiment. that's how i found out a lot of stuff abotu emulation.
yeh i guess it makes sense.
believe me ive tried to experiment but i find myself having to remember loads of plugin specs coz my computer is crap! and seems to work with different settings at times. for instance, petes opengl was BRILL for me on this same comp. but now it doesnt work as well.
are there any recent screenshots of bleem! posted?
i havent seen any screenshots of Bleem! on this forum, ever, actually.
does bleem work better and produce better graphics on lower spec comps?
work better, yes, better graphics...well, its about the same. on lower spec comps you arent really hopign for much, that'd be why you'd use bleem :rolleyes:
Well, better graphics than a PS1 - yes.
I've seen shots of bleem! here; not a lot, though.
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