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Anyone played KOF2000

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I am just one of the big time fan of this game....The Kof 2000 version is out but not on the net.I think talking about the roms of this game is not illegal since the games are sort of freeware.....I guess........Oky aany one playing this game can tell me if the roms of this game are out or not........I know the website so don't tell me the link just to keep legal things a bit silent........

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i haven't played it, since there's a lack of arcades over here in holland :(

and afaik the roms are not out...well, maybe they are, but encrypted, so not playable anyway.

Hopefully the game will be released for psx...not that it would be easy for me to get it, because as usual the publishers would ignore europe.....
poor samor....hehehe....anyways....the rom won't be out 4 a while....just enjoy SFZ3 till it's over...
yes, you better feel sorry for me...

megaman x5 didn't come to europe either!
a) me not have credit card
b) many shops don't allow importing, I can't buy ntsc games online
I have kof 94-99 for NeoGeo (no have 2000 yet)
All of series 94-99.I like 96
I also have all the pre versions
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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