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Hello there, long time lurker first time poster. Just so you all know, I have read FAQs and such but I'm still at a loss here.

So I have a Dell Mini 10. It's not bad. Not super, but not bad either. After getting my backups on this machine, I thought I'd try out epsxe and see if I could get my stuff going on it. I've gotten some... Interesting (?) results.

For my video, I use P.E.Op.S Soft Driver 1.18 with the fast settings. Comes out a little blocky, but I like it that way anyway. The video seems fine on all accounts.

Here's where the trouble starts, though. It's the SOUND! I can't get anything working with sound on this thing. Now, with sound disabled, my frames per second are consistant and there are no hiccups, slowdowns, or any sort of "grinding" (as in, the game will need to catch up with itself, making a weird grinding noise). But then when I try to use sound...

Well, it's bad. I tried using the default plugin that came with epsxe... I can't configure it, oh well. It seemed to work for a little bit, say, for some scenes of MGS. Like waiting for the elevator. When it does show up, a new sound has to play, which messes with the plugin and makes the game grind. Sometimes to a complete halt.

Any other plugin I try to use makes the audio very, VERY choppy and slows the emulator down immensely. Very frustrating.

I'm not sure what I can do at this point. Is it just my sound drivers? I mean, they are up to date and stuff...

Dell Mini 10
Intel Atom CPU Z520 1.13GHz
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500
Realtek HD Audio
Windows XP Home
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