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Anyone gotten Dragon Warrior 7 to work with Pete's D3D?

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I know it works with Pete's software plugin and doesn't work properly with Lewpy's, but I was wondering if anyone got DW7 to work with Pete's D3D plugin (i get glitchy dialog boxes if I try to use it). There is another thread about DW7 lower down, but that has digressed into a discussion about its merits as a game, so I wanted to create this new thread to just ask about the technical considerations. It seems to run noticeably faster with D3D on my old tired computer, although that may be in part because I had to turn frame skipping off on the software plugin to make it work properly. Anyway, has anyone gotten it to work with D3D?
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you must have OD of value 2 or greater and have emulate vram+FVP or use gfx card buffer enabled also try turning on framebuffer reads. It is glitchy though coz there are some noticable flickering by the edges also when you enter a menu or dialog the screen becomes 2d and may get ugly depending on your video card.
Yeah, it does get glitchy whenever I have a dialog box with my Voodoo 3000 AGP under XP. (I'm not sure if these default Windows XP drivers are good either... anyone know if there are better drivers for a Voodoo 3000 under XP?)
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