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Anyone else get this on the DC?

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In the bleemcast for GT2, while racing, how does anyone else have the game pushing to the right side? While racing, the car starts to move towards the right of the track, without me telling it to... I press left and it'll think im pressing the center (nothing), and if i press right, it goes to the right even more. I am using analog steering... And tried it with two controllers. . Anyone know what Im talking about?
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I don't have Bleem! for DC, but I have a DC. When you started up your DC, were you pushing any of the analog joysticks/triggers? That's all I can think of that can screw things up like that.
did you try using differnet game controllers
Tried the both post solutions, none seem to work. :(
um.. dunno if this has been said already but my dc just does that sumtines and if u unplug the controller and stick it back in it works like a charm( a cavemans solution to a spaceage problem)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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