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Anybody know where I could get Garou: MOTW p1 & p2 patches

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If anyone has the patches, could they please post it. thank you.
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...Hi Bubsy. Don't tell me you're still playing with the ancient-old protototype version of Garou... ?
Yes, the prototype has many bugs since it is not a "retail" version. As for winkawaks, naturally, it supports only the originally released prototype roms, and not the patched or hacked prototype roms. But since it also supports the original Garou game, I suggest playing that - I mean why bother with the prototype version now that the correct one is supported ? ;)
Bubsy :
all zipped up, voice files & everything, Garoun comes up to 38.6 MB (40.511.732 Bytes) ...significantly smaller than Garou, naturally ;)

404 :
well, if I'm not mistaken, the prototype is what its name implies. A prototype version of the game - still under development - upon which the the "final" release will be based upon. So, this version, being a prototype has numerous bugs (as you probably have found out some years ago, when it became err... "available") - most notably, freezes when certain moves are performed, screwed up dialogs in some character endings, and only japanese naming on the speech (that is, even if you choose english as a language) Khushnood Butt is still announced as Marco Rodriguez).
Originally posted by 404


Yes, when i beat the game using Gato, the ending screen was kinda screwed up, and i thought that was the shortest ending that i've ever saw. Hey, it's a prototype anyway.

But I found no freeze on any moves, and Knushnood Butt is the name of that black guy (not Marco Rodriguez) - i think i got the 'near retail' prototype :)
...Hi, 404. Yes, the name is displayed correctly, but as I said before, he is announced with his jap name. Do this: start a new game & select him as your fighter. Now crank up the volume of your speakers. It should announce "Marco Rodriguez versus [whoever is your opponent]). This also happens with Tizoc (a.k.a. The Griffon) ;)
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