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Anybody know where I could get Garou: MOTW p1 & p2 patches

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If anyone has the patches, could they please post it. thank you.
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forget about it; I've just found the patch. If anyone else wants it; they can download it below; it also includes a patch for the kof'99.
I had no problems for kof'99, but I needed a patch for jae hoon's T.O.P. attack; which freezes the whole game.
Damn it:( . Winkawaks gives an error on the p-roms; after using the patch, shit:mad: Be careful guys.
But it works perfectly on the neoragex; with no problems.
I hope the authors for winkawaks fixes this problem for GAROU: MOTW.
Well it's not that; I mean I have all of the versions:rolleyes:
But to bad the prototype vers. has this problem.
just 1 question

how many megs is!!
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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