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Anybody know where I can download games??

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Anybody know a good site for downloading games I just got cable so.....
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nope ;) dude no talking about pirated games on the forum read the rules! i donno where the rules are though hehehe
Someone better delete this thread before he or she gets into trouble..
Good idea fivefeet8, except that I'm going to close it not delete it.
First, a couple of things though. Winnubst46, I suggest you do as Jau said and READ the rules. They are located at the very top of the General Discussion forum. After you read them, you will find out that to ask about downloading games here is not allowed. This is because these game are usually cracked or pirated copies.
ePSXe does not like cracked or pirated copies. It has many many problems w/them and often won't run them at all. Also, to download a game that someone else owns and made a copy of is illegal, since you do not own the game yourself. There is to be no illegal dicussion, help given with, or illegal activites on these boards.
If there was, this whole site could be shut down. Trust me, I'm not kidding about this. Also dealing w/illegal stuff or asking for help to find it (warez sites:mad: ) can get you banned, quickly. I'm giving you a warning this time and urging you to read the rules, for your own sake. Please do not bring something like this up again. Thank you.
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