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i had that null2mix for sound, so i changed it to that default one....and it helped very little...the skips were quicker and faster...i have those pete 3d graphics plugs, all three of them, d3d, dx6 and GL...scph7502.bin....what would u guys recommend so i can get the smoothest gameplay with good sound....the video is pretty good, its smooth...all i need is the sound to round it out. I have no clue when it comes to tweaking the graphics...i have it set at that petedx6....i have a 333mhz....64mb ram...its slow, so what can i do to really smooth it out with good sound...thanks

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sexyass, you could try Eternal SPU. It's the best in most systems, and it runs great.

btw, which game are you trying to play?

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Something that I found that helped me out tons on this issue is, using Pete's CDR ASPI/IOCTL Driver 1.7 for cdrom... then setting caching mode to : Async........ while I dont know if your cdrom will support it, I noticed by default that the caching mode on most of the other plug-in's are set to play it safe.... even the Pete's plugin is set by default at less than that... Mine still skips a tiny bit, but it is NOWHERE near as bad as it once was when I first starting dabbling with EPSXE......

Hope this helps some

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Your system specs are really the problem, you need a faster CPU.

but here are some proper settings

Configure the GPU
use Pete's D3D 1.56 (I don't know what type of graphic card you have soo I'll just assume the ATI Rage)

Set game fixs to PC_FPS calculation
turn ON Frame Skip

Configure the SPU
at the epsxe sound config screen:
Disable CDDA sound
Disable SPU IRQ Hack
Enable everything else

now configure Pete's Dsound 1.14 and set it to:
1: High compatibility mode
Enable SPU IRQ - wait for CPU action

Configure CD-ROM
Disable Accurate CD-Rom timing
Disable CD-rom Status
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