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any way to have analog support?

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Hey, Ape Escape works on VGS, but it doesnt play since vgs doesnt have analog. Is there any to have analog in VGS?
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no. vgs development has been discontinued since last june. try another emulator.
grumble grumble

Technically VGS has not been discontinued as the agreement between Sony and Connectix states that Sony would continue development of the emulator. i called Sony down on this several months ago, and believe or not, got a response from one of the VP's. Quote "I was not aware that Sony Corp. were owners of technology to play Playstation games on Personal Computers"
BUNK! He knew it, and they aren't pursuing it. Personally, enough people flooding their email box asking what happened to the promised development could get us a v1.6 or v.2. But finding enough people to go through Sony's Rigamarole of dodging is bout next to impossible.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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