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Any way to emulate TV scanlines on computer LCD? (just like in some console emus)

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Hi, I know this sounds weird b/c MOST ppl would NOT want to force interlacing or have scanlines on a hi-res computer monitor, that's why nowadays ppl prefer progressive scan resolutions...

BUT personally, i found that scanlines is a effective way to eliminate jaggies (aliasing) in PC games. which is why i love it whne i play my pc games when hooked up to a CRT tv. it just looks so much nicer wthout all the jaggies. And this does it without any performance loss, and usually u can even play them on lower resolutions since there's not alot of aliasing.

One good example would be XBOX and PS2 games on traditional CRT tvs. I mean, when u play those games on tv, they look fairly OK (not alot of aliasing), especially the xbox games (640x480 resolution). BUT if you were to hook up the xbox to a PC monitor (or just simply look at screenshots taken on the pc monitor from say IGN) , they just look AWFUL, with jaggies so pronouced...

SO i'm trying to find if there's a video driver plugin or even a program that runs on windows that emulates scanlines.. I'm sure it's not TOO hard to program is one doesnt exist already...

I hope there's at least one of you who have experienced what i have :)
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But then a programmed version of scanlines would take resources, eliminating the advantages you described. Why don't you simply use antialiasing? Anyway, i'm pretty sure it can be done, like smartshader programs for ati cards, but never heard of one that does that.
mm interesting. Thnx for suggesting smartshaders!

i've been digging around, found a program that can use custom smartshaders and work in D3d and opengl games! like i found one that can add HDR effects (like in the new farcry) in ANY games.. and best of all , there's virutally no perofrmance hit!

but i cant find a smartshader that does what i want (scanlines)

wonder if there's any programmers here..?
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