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Is there any way to connect 6 pads using x360ce? And I mean any way ;). Like using two different "x360ce" or duplicating. One of my controllers is Logitech f310, and he is working fine without x360ce, but I have to use him through the "x360ce" because it is the first pad that is connecting to the app. Maybe there is some way to avoid this from happening then I could get 5 to work that would be sweet too. One of the controllers is a some random Tracer controller and 4 are ps2 controllers connected via "USB Twin Pad" switch from PS2 to USB.
P.S. I found similar topic: [ /how-do-you-add-more-than-4-controllers.206016/#post-2720410 ] but I would like to get more detailed answer, please.
Kind Regards Mati
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