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Recently, I posted about Visual Boy Advance problems that I've been having. I have searched through the forums and even consulted the VBA site, however, my question remains unresolved. I'm still hoping someone will be able to help me out, since you all seem like such a smart bunch of people. Note: that is not a sarcastic remark. It's an observation.

Anyway, to briefly recap the problem: The speed of the emulator greatly decreases when I try to run the ROMs in full-screen mode. Either that, or the speed stays constant at 100%, but the screen is black. Now before anyone suggests that the ROM is not compliant for full-screen, I have played all the ROMs I currently have before on this computer in full-screen with no problems. So, I'm wondering if it's my settings for VBA that need a little tweaking so I can keep the full-screen and the speed at 100%. Here are the specs of my computer:

Compaq Presario 6000
17" Flat Screen Monitor
Intel Celeron 1.4 GHz processor
256 MB RAM (DDR)
40 GB Hard Drive (34.7 GB available)
Intel(r) 82810E Graphics Controller
Windows XP Pro

I also have the VBA configurate file viewable in text form at the following site (done so this thread would not be too spammy or too long to read): for quick viewing. I would sincerely appreciate any information or suggestions you have to offer on this subject. Thank you once again.

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