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I'm playing Pokemon Platinum, and I get to this one city where the entire game just comes to a crawl. It's very frustrating. I can get it to speed up in bursts by viewing the "Error" report, or saving the Emulator settings, but then it just slows down again a few moments later. It slows down especially when I initiate dialog, for whatever reason...

I have a similar problem when entering/leaving battle in The World Ends With You (but I fixed that by switching 3d rendering methods -- OpenGL works well in-battle, and NoCash works better out of battle).

I already read the FAQ and used all of their suggestions, as well as a few other small ones I've found in other places, but I was wondering if there were any other big recommendations that someone might have. I'm using the No$Zoomer, so I don't know if there were any settings I could tweak in that to speed along the game.

EDIT: Also, I found out I can REALLY stop the slowdown by setting Sound Output Mode to "None", though I don't get any sound, which is a bummer... so I'd prefer not having to do that.
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