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Any reports on these games??

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I've been trying to get these original PSX games to work under ePSXe, but with little or no success. Listed in no particular order:

- International Track & Field
:( gets stuck trying to read memory card (yes, had a formatted one selected)

- CART World Series
:mad: gets stuck during intro FMV

- Lode Runner
:( no go, period

- Jet Moto
:confused: gets at least to main menu, but flickers like crazy (reminds me of Amiga 3000 interlace)

Anybody able to share insights on these particular titles? Thanks in advance for any info....
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try the recommendations on Jet Moto at

sorry, but i won't be of any use on the other ones:(
this might help, use/press the F4 key during the reading of the memcard lockups. addtional info on this button can be found at the documentation. :)
Xeven: D'OH! I had been there quite often for other games, but somehow that one slipped by. Thanks, will try the recommendations.

Ultragunner: Heh. Tried that already.

WUwata: Thanks for your well-meaning response, but I don't want to play PSX games SO badly that I want to bother trying and configuring another emu altogether. :heh:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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