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Any overclockers in the hhaauuugghh!?!!!!

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Define "hhaauuugghh!?!!!!" for us all please.


When I read it I thought "Oh, I don't live in the Netherlands." See..with the Hague and...oh, nevermind.
Well,maybe he meant "house"
Well i o/c my system but i am not a hardcore one.My celeron 466 is clock at 525 and my geforce2 mx is running rock solid at 210 core and 215 mem. btw i had some home made ram sink installed in my card.
I have a celeron 600mhz overclocked to 900mhz. A nice 50% increase. And of coarse I overclock my TNT2 with some software(powerstrip), but I had help with the processor.
Anyway, did you have a question about it, or you just wanna know who has overclocked PCs?
well im overclocking my motorcycle from 110 cc to 125 cc so it can enter the race :D
Yeah, hhaauuugghh= House, or in this case the forums...To overclock a TNT2 card (or any Nvidia card for that matter) download this registry entry called "Coolbits" it lets you overclock your nvidia cards in the advanced options...
Originally posted by Adair
I overclock my TNT2 with some software(powerstrip)
Power Strip is the name of the program. You should be able to find it in the Tools section of, but its just a demo unless you pay for it. I just use the demo because it gives you lots of options like on the fly gamma correction. If you get powerstrip then look in the "performance" area for overclocking.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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