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Any Musicians around here

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Pretty off emulation.....but I was thinking that if there are some ppl familiar with this stuff then they might be able to help me out.....I was looking for some good Software If you know one can U please tell me that where can I find it...!

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Well, im not a musician, but my friend uses Steinberg Cubase VST or perhaps you can try Cakewalk or eMagic Audio (something like that), but I think Cubase is the best if you want to play around with 8 (or more) simultaneous wave channels and midi at the same time. The VST version contains digital effects processing too.
~ If you like tracked music get Scream Tracker 3 or something. Anyway, here's something a while ago. Don't think I'm going to finish it, though... ~
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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