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Any luck with GT4

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Has anyone had any luck setting up gt4 to work with either .7 or the cvs builds? I've got it to the point where it will display the copy right info but dies when it trys to load the intro movie. Haven't had any luck making a patch to keep the intro from loading for this game. ::lowers head in shame::
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Read the rules , don't ask about specific game compatibility.
I assume you refering to rule #7. I guess I read it wrong. To me it doesn't read we can't speak about specific games, just no whining about a game if it doesn't work. Also I wasn't asking why it doesn't work, but IF someone has gotten it to work, specifically patching the elf executable to prevent the intro video from launching. Perhaps the rule should be rewritten to reiterate what you said? "Dont ask about specific game compatibility."

7. If your game does not work, don't complain or ask why it doesn't work as currently 99% of games show a few screens or nothing at all. Don't ask the Beta testers to test x or y game as we already test hundreds, and we will only post shots if the game shows SIGNIFICANT progress.

Kougear said:
Read the rules , don't ask about specific game compatibility.
You are right punkkid but this thread is still borderline..anyway i will answer your question
As far as i know no betatester has the game yet,but since GT3 also freezes after a few screens and has been found to have major problems i seriously doubt GT4 will have a better luck
/me is gonna have it soon after release in europe :D so I'll check, but I think bositman[/s] is right
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